The LOR Foundation

The LOR Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing livability and quality of life in the Intermountain West. We partner with rural communities in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming to protect the character of their towns and the landscapes that surround them.

Our Story

Amy Wyss & Ed JaramilloEd Jaramillo and Amy Wyss founded the LOR Foundation in 2007 out of their belief that western landscapes and thriving communities go hand-in-hand. They believed then and now that small cities and towns in the Intermountain West must be at the center of decision-making about their future.

The idea for LOR began with neighbors helping neighbors. In the mid-1990s, Amy helped a small land trust in Northern New Mexico protect a piece of agricultural land. The landowner and neighbors envisioned keeping the property in production to support ranching and as open space for the entire town. The problem was that the land trust did not have enough money to make it a reality. Ed and Amy saw the potential for this project to be a catalyst for the whole community, and stepped in to close a funding gap. This investment was their way to give back to the culturally diverse community that was their home.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Ed and Amy saw “big philanthropy” conservation projects reshaping the relationship of rural towns to the land. They realized that small communities could use more tools and support to steer their own destiny.

Amy and Ed are optimists. They believe a community-focused philanthropy can be a catalyst for improving livability, opportunity and responsibility (hence L-O-R) in the Intermountain West they love.

At LOR this means being more than a funder. It means working closely with rural stakeholders to solve problems and create a local vision for success. It means actively supporting community-driven solutions by providing expertise and convening forums. It means collaborating with other funding sources to increase overall investment in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming communities.

What does this translate to on the ground? LOR’s efforts help people and places to revitalize main streets, create more opportunities for access to the outdoors and recreation, protect clean water supplies, preserve agricultural land and open space, and invest in economic resilience.

Ed and Amy believe that the best solutions are often right in front of us—if we listen to our neighbors. The LOR Foundation aims to do just that for years to come.

Meet Our Team

Amy Wyss & Ed Jaramillo

Amy Wyss & Ed Jaramillo
Board Members

LaMonte Guillory
Chief Communications Officer

Jake Cadwell

Jake Caldwell
Program Officer

Jeremy Grimm

Jeremy Grimm
Program Officer

JR Logan

JR Logan
Program Associate


Krista Burdick
Communications Associate