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Jennifer Huff

Weiser Community Officer

A Weiser resident for nearly two decades, Jenn knows there’s no replacement for the warmth and collaboration of a rural community that cares about one another. It’s a lesson she’s learned watching locals rally to save the Weiser senior center, raise money for children with cancer, and help families recover from fires and other disasters. Efforts like these fuel Jenn’s passion for helping her community—and that passion is a big part of what drives her work as the LOR Foundation’s Weiser community officer.

Jenn has immersed herself in community work since first moving to Weiser with her husband and three children in 2005. While running a local print shop, she also made time to serve as the director of the Weiser Farmers Market, on the board of the Weiser Chamber of Commerce, and in numerous other volunteer roles. Jenn’s experiences as a volunteer have only deepened her appreciation for the support and dedication of Weiser locals. She understands that locally led projects make all the difference.

Jenn joined LOR because she wanted to support those working to make Weiser a stronger place. As Weiser’s community officer, Jenn is excited to listen and help locals get their innovative ideas off the ground.

Outside of work, Jenn enjoys spending time with her friends and family, gardening, kayaking, camping, hiking, practicing yoga, and traveling. Attending plays at Weiser’s two local theaters remains one of her favorite treats. Jenn’s parents, siblings, three children, and six grandchildren live locally, making Weiser gatherings a true family affair.

My Kind of Livable

Sitting on my porch listening to the wildlife around me.

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