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Cortez Residents Put Their Money Where Their Ideas Are With Improvement Fund

A $2,520 grant to Cortez locals on June 24, 2022

When Cortez resident Jodi Jahrling learned about a small grant program for beautification projects in a Pennsylvania town, she wondered if something similar could also work in Cortez. After a little investigation, she discovered the city already had a program like it. Trouble was, not enough people knew about the program, including other organizations interested in supporting similar projects. A little more research revealed a larger problem: This siloing of potential projects within municipalities and nonprofits wasn’t just limited to beautification efforts. So Jarhling worked with several other Cortez residents to create 813-2-1 Launch, a fund for community projects designed to offer a simple way for community members to improve Cortez with small, quick-moving projects while also keeping organizations connected about potential ideas. LOR’s funding will be used to establish the fund, which will be maintained by monthly contributions from a group of community members who also vote on the ideas that are submitted from residents. Each month 813-2-1 Launch will provide $1,000 in support for these projects.

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