Everyone Gets to Share a Meal—and Their Stories—at Good Portions Mobile Soup Kitchen | LOR Foundation

Everyone Gets to Share a Meal—and Their Stories—at Good Portions Mobile Soup Kitchen

When a Lander local realized not everyone who needed free, healthy meals could actually get to them, she found a way to bring hot meals to them instead.


Photo by Shanna Choate

On any given night in Lander, Wyoming, hundreds of people are in need of a healthy meal. And while some programs offer free meals, not everyone can always actually get to shelters or soup kitchens. To address these problems, Lander resident Shanna Choate wanted to create a mobile soup kitchen with a trailer that could deliver healthy, hot meals to people at the most convenient locations, eliminating the need for people to find their own transportation. Working with Cup of Cold Water Ministries, Choate reached out to the LOR Foundation for help getting the idea in motion—literally and figuratively. Learn more about the project, which was supported by LOR, in the short video below.


Filmed and edited by Nate Liles

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