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Census Instagrants

Photo courtesy U.S. Census Bureau

Ensuring a Complete Count

Between August 31 and September 15, LOR awarded $1,000 Instagrants — up to $100,000 in total — to nonprofits working to increase census response rates in the rural Mountain West.

LOR Instagrants

An Instagrant™ is designed to help a community find solutions quickly—like, in this case, responding to a shortened timeline for collecting census surveys. We know rural communities are working hard to ensure their residents are counted accurately. Census Instagrants are intended to help with those efforts—be it purchasing supplies and equipment, paying for translation services, or simply getting the word out.

Instagrants for census activities were awarded daily through September 15, and recipients were asked to spread the word on social media. Because we hoped to support census efforts throughout the Mountain West region, LOR typically awarded one Instagrant per community (see the list).

Applications for Instagrants are now closed. But we will continue to share updates and news about what Instagrants have been used for. Please consider following LOR on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn about future Instagrant opportunities.

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