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Communication Guidelines

The LOR Foundation often asks grantees to share news about grant activities and outcomes. This helps ensure the success of community projects, and it also creates greater awareness about the types of projects LOR supports. We hope that awareness leads more community members to reach out with their ideas. Sharing news can take many forms, but we ask that grantees do the following to the best of their ability. 

Follow us on social media.

Following us on social media makes it easier for us to share your news. We’re easy to find on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn:

Mention the LOR Foundation in public announcements. 

In public references including, social media posts, newsletter mentions, email blasts, website mentions, media mentions (news article quotes, press releases, op-eds, press conferences), posters, and advertisements, mention your project is “supported by the LOR Foundation.”

When possible (e.g., in newsletters and on websites), include the LOR logo (available here) linked to Please also notify LOR before sending out press releases or in advance of other media engagements.

Send a press release to your local media outlets.

Local media outlets are a great way to get the word out about your project to ensure its success. If you’re unsure about how to write a press release, feel free to use our template and guide.

In your press release, please mention that your project has been “supported by the LOR Foundation” and include this short statement about LOR at the bottom of the press release: “About the LOR Foundation: LOR works with rural communities in the Mountain West to enhance livability and prosperity while preserving the character that makes each community unique.”

Share photographs and other digital assets of the project with LOR:

If you have images to share with us, please share them with us via the following links:

Respond to follow-up requests from LOR staff during or after the grant period so we can help promote your project.

If you have other questions about these guidelines or how to share news, don’t hesitate to contact your community officer, or communications officer Kasey Cordell.