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The Next Generation of Broadcasters is Finding Its Voice in Taos

  • Local Champion: True Kids 1
  • Date Funded: June 20, 2023
  • Grant Amount: $22,500

Taos is brimming with stories, and young people with interest in broadcast media are eager to tell them. However, there are limited ways for Taos youth to learn about broadcasting and production opportunities. It’s a problem for youth who might not have an opportunity to explore their passion, and it’s a problem for the community, as essential stories are going untold. To address this issue, staff from True Kids 1 are launching a program to mentor students as broadcast interns and produce 30 video stories and thousands of related photographs focused on issues important to teens. They plan to work with the Taos News and other regional media, but they needed a little help getting the program in motion. Support from LOR is being used to pay for production support, meaning each intern will have an opportunity to work with video-editing professionals.

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