Bonner County, Idaho

Bonner County, Idaho, is known for many natural amenities, including expansive lakes, dense forests and towering mountains. Recreational trails allow residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors, but like many communities in the intermountain west, Bonner County’s area trails are often unmapped, incomplete or nonexistent. Recognizing that recreational amenities contribute to economic and community vibrancy, LOR provided The Trust for Public Land (TPL) with funding to build a model for developing a community vision and plan to connect disparate trails and expand the pathway network. By engaging a variety of partners in the process, TPL ensured that different recreation groups and landowners worked together to shape the outcome of the trails system in their community. TPL’s Greenprint process allowed the team to prioritize their community goals, define a long-term vision and advance the trail-making plan. Once complete, the new trail system will increase opportunities to experience Bonner County’s scenic landscape through outdoor recreation, attracting both locals and visitors to the area, and contributing to people’s health, well-being and overall community resiliency.


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