The Intermountain West is changing. Towns that once depended on timber and natural resource consumption are struggling to diversify their economies. Meanwhile, other towns are faced with pressures of growth and development led by new residents drawn to these communities because of their local characteristics and surrounding landscapes.

We believe that communities should be actively engaged in land use planning, preserving and enhancing the characteristics of their towns, and shaping how their surrounding landscapes are accessed by the public. Community-driven solutions allows residents to develop a vision for the future of their town and receive the support to achieve it.

When small towns control their futures, we all benefit. Research shows that this type of planning can attract harmonious growth, diversified business models, and economic viability—benefiting residents and their surrounding communities.

“Working with LOR has been a really unique experience, mainly because I feel like they really honored the community will for this open space area as opposed to coming in and sharing the ideas that they had for our community. They wanted to hear what the community wanted to do for itself to create this livable, open space that was a real asset to the community.” – Liza Moran, Executive Director, San Luis Valley Local Food Coalition